Blogging For The Love Of A Good Camera

Improving your blog considerably can be done by utilising a good camera and spending a bit of time getting used to how it works. My new Canon EOS 650D is still finding me in learning mode. But even so the photo above is one I took while we were in Bohol.

Not as colourful as I would like but at the same time I am not a fan of “photoshopping” an original image. As it doesn’t improve my photography.

Philippines beggars

The photo above was done by a friend of mine Steven Black as you can see his use of the whole scene creates a very interesting photo as the vehicle at the back seems to wrap round the children begging.

Its these sort of photographs that separate photos from holiday snaps and I believe getting the right sort of images into your blog can make a difference to the success of your blogging.

Why? When you read a newspaper what is it that grabs you first? The title? A photo? because its not the small print until something else has brought you to it. The same goes for the internet and blogs. Having thought invoking and interesting photos brings people to read more about you on your blog.

The holiday snaps are good for family and friends but getting a stronger readership will involve a bit of time learning how to use a camera properly and you don’t need to be investing heavily in a camera to get good pics. I do spent a fair bit of cash on my cameras but that’s because photography is a hobby of mine.

Over time I have seen my photos improve as I understand my cameras better and at the same time I start to want more interesting shots which can involve a bit of expense. At the same time unless your writing a photography blog you don’t really need to be throwing a lot of money into a camera!

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