BPO 24 Hour Services New Building.

BPO 24 hour new building

BPO 24 hour new building

bBPO 24 hour new building

BPO 24 Hour Services managed to close a new deal yesterday giving BPO 24 Hour Services a new building of operations.

We will still be keeping the existing on but simply adding more floor space and more agents. The building itself is going to need at least a  month of renovation but will give us a much larger space to work with.

Adding to that the upper level I am now considering if we should open a day center for children with learning difficulties. I know in this area there is a shortage of facilities for special children so maybe this is something we should be looking into very soon. It would be a non-profit venture to help develop children’s abilities and education. Because many things like autism rely on early intervention and interaction to help children develop.

Spending a lot of time around my own children and friends I know that others have financial restraints when it comes to education even more so when it comes to one to one education for children with special needs.

So looks like the new BPO 24 Hour Services building may be a dual role building but not only creating jobs in the community but offering education and a day centre.

Part of being in the Philippines for me though is giving something back where I can and this is one of those things I can do, many issue is keeping corruption out of the building and not have too many politics if I can help it.

Looking forward to getting some sound advice from a Canadian friend of mine who operates another centre in Cebu city already. He’s been doing it for a few years so I am sure he will know all the do’s and don’ts as well as any headaches that come with setting up.


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