Can more be done to save lives during earthquakes in the Philippines?

man crushed by earthquake at fish market in cebu, Philippines

Living in the Philippines for over 6 years now many things are preventable if there was more done to educate and enforce rules and regulations.

Sub standard construction or buildings that should have been demolished and rebuilt long ago still stand all over the place and yet cost is always an issue. But how much is the cost of human life?

A person dies at a market and how does that one person’s life impact on the others around them? The people who rely on them for food, education and income?

If a building will not be rebuilt can things be removed? the balcony that’s been falling apart for the last 20 years? Can the building be made safe? Can upgrades be done in phases?

Because one of the biggest problems in the world today is the media circus, there is more interest in photos like above than finding a solution. Tomorrow the cameras go off and nothing changes which is the main problem. Not just here in the Philippines but globally. The wars in the Middle East are only a passing glance at the flick of a remote as quick as the button is pressed they are forgotten.

The number of people who died in this weeks earthquakes in Cebu and Bohol has surpassed 170 yet I can guarantee the true number will arise long after the media has forgotten the quakes.

What can be done to change things for the better is the question?

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