Did I give up blogging?

Its a very good question as its more to do with not having things of interest to write lately.

We have been extremely busy with the business and having a mix of confidentiality agreements and stuff being boring for the average person we simply haven’t written a lot lately.

new buildingnew building 2

We have purchased a two storey building in the last few days which will be a new construction and renovation project. There is a lot of plywood and wooden joists to come out. Originally they were installed with untreated wood which the termites have had a great time with. Adding to that we want to replace the plywood floor either with boards or concrete.

But as we have only just purchased the building we can’t really start talking about it until we start the renovation so this is something coming up soon!

I am looking forward to getting my hands dirty and back into the construction work as I haven’t had any large projects for a while.

matt wilkie, philippines

But besides the purchase of the building and the call center now partnering with other centers to give us over 2,000 available seats.

We are pretty much now just in a calm before the storm. If we get spare time its normally a quick nip into town for a nice restaurant or going to the mall for more computers.

We’ve all been working too many hours since February but the hard work is now paying off and starting to see the ability to slow down a little.

I’m looking to pop into the UK before Christmas comes around all going well. Primarily for family visits and do some banking as we are starting to look to invest offshore of the Philippines. Spreading our income but also reducing the most important thing risk. I do believe its a good time to be buying property in the UK as the market is still slow, we don’t need a mortgage so gives us more flexibility in purchases.

But all in all things are pretty good and got a few things I want to do before the end of the year. Buying that building was a goal I set last year to achieve by the end of this year. There is one more building I want to buy in Minglanilla but the big question is will I have enough time this year to get the budget together for it.

One thing is for sure I haven’t given up blogging, just times have been extremely busy and blogging is having to take a backseat. So apologies if I haven’t written much if your a follower, but I would rather you just got notified with something new of interest than fill the site with boring posts.

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