Expats in Cebu

I have been an expat in Cebu myself since 2007 but meeting other expats in Cebu or other parts of the Philippines isn’t difficult but would say be very selective!

In the time I have been here in Cebu as an expat I have seen what seems every form of person on the planet. The nice guy on the internet who is later discovered to be a violent alcoholic. The business persona on the web that finds another guy swindling other expats for commission for himself which sees everyone lose money.

To the good guys who generally like myself aren’t bothering anyone and it seems more to do with the longer people are here often they will change as money gets tight. Is it because they are borderline broke a lot of the time or start to see some of the local things as acceptable.

You see some of the practices locals get upto would see them in court in the UK for sure for fraud, theft or other crimes. But in the Philippines many laws aren’t developed in the same way to protect individuals. You hear real estate agents “guaranteeing” the rental market when in fact they are struggling to sell/rent the homes they have in their portfolio.

These are minor issues but its the iceberg on the surface and that’s why meeting expats in Cebu I recommend learning a bit about the people first and personally I am quite happy with a small circle of friends and a larger group of internet contacts.

The harsh reality of things are many guys are coming here to marry local women and often they aren’t of the sort of people many would normally associate with in the West. Its not being arrogant here but simply the fact is there is a lot of low life in the Philippines who come here as expats.

There are also a lot of good people and it takes literally months to really start to understand people and their way of life. At least three people I know have had businesses with “friends” who were other expats that they spent time with. Later to find the expat they thought was a great friend and ideal business partner would be slapping the girls on the butt, taking drugs in the office or disappearing with the money.

As a Cebu expat myself who has been here a number of years I advise caution on meeting people and spending a bit of time on forums may actually be a good measure of some of the issues I have talked about. You can find Cebu expats in this forum, although its a Philippines forum the majority of people on it are connected to or living in Cebu. For other areas of the Philippines there are still members there but not as many (yet!).

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