How is life as an expat in Cebu?

After 6 years and a happy marriage, we are still here and not complaining. If anything my biggest neglect recently has been this blog. I haven’t been keeping it up to date as much as I used to.

Question is right now should I start writing again daily? I am busy with projects in Cebu and currently doing a couple of website conversions and updates which will keep me busy this week but it only takes me 10 – 20 minutes to write a daily post.

So maybe I should start again, well today I can discuss the fact I am up early as we have had some rain and for the last 2 days the temperature has dropped to the point of having the air con switched off and windows open. I am big fan of fresh air over air conditioning but the downside of it is the barking dogs. If someone is outside the dogs will keep barking over and over again until they go away. Even worse when they aren’t our dogs!

But then again can’t grumble with that either as its impossible to get near anything here without a dog going mental. So does make easier sleeping knowing your safe even if your awoken a couple of times a night by a constant bark.

Also the kids have been busy lately, we enrolled them on summer classes which seen Ewe taking a shine to swimming and winning his first 2 awards. While Zoei has enjoyed extra schooling that Ewe then started going too as well (he’s supposed to be too young). But the teachers are already asking if he will enrol as he’s smart for his age. The thing they picked up on and found funny is that he reverses questions. For example they will ask him what colour something is then he will respond with the colour and then begin asking the teachers the same questions with other items.

We also got the new 4×4 recently which is a “new to us” rather than brand new. I had wanted to get a Fortuner but grappling with the issue of parking and the fact I wouldn’t be the most appreciative of drivers if someone put a dent on scratch in it. So we bought a Galloper II which has a turbo and a diesel engine just shy of 3.0ltr. Internally its large and although its something in the UK you would put 7 people here seems you can get 5 people on the back seat alone. Its got another set of seats behind that which fold down but seem to get very little usage.

Fuel consumption is good and the only downside was the air conditioning needs looking at. Not a major problem as its a case of the seals have leaked due to lack of usage. The previous owner had it parked up most of the time while abroad. Gives us a bit of breathing space for the kids as we can take them over to Naga on the weekends for a picnic and roaming around on the promenade, Which is great for burning energy.

But generally life as an expat in Cebu is pretty good. Financially we are stable and things are progressing with BPO 24 hour services, if anything I will be needing my own full-time assistant shortly to deal with the day to day stuff so I can get on with the more complex things.

Have also gotten to grips with programming the telephone servers, initially a bit of a minefield as I had never used Linux based systems before. But now built my second one without the assistance of someone else. Doesn’t sound a lot but people are charging companies a small fortune here for stuff to get these things working. Yet a few weeks of learning how it all fits together and works you start to not only understand it but also find solutions to problems that tech guys here said couldn’t be done. The “no” which means “I don’t know” but is said with confidence as if impossible is common in the Philippines. Yet again I find that its more a case of knowing what your doing, at the same time most of these guys are self taught. Manuals are limited and its a case of getting things working and tinkering around until you get it to do what you want. Having a spare server allowed me to do that and before I get boring on the subject I will cut it off there.

So what do you think should I start writing again? Are there still people out there interested in hearing my babbling on? I know many people who have become friends because of first finding the blog and just wondering if its something worth continuing with or simply calling it a day.

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7 comments for “How is life as an expat in Cebu?

  1. jc
    April 22, 2013 at 12:33 am

    Hey Matt, I do like it when you keep your website up to date. Even if you don’t have a lot to say each day, it shows that you are still interested. I read a lot of sites, and I have to say some of them have been the same for months. That’s disappointing and it makes me not want to go back to them. Keep up the good work and be the extraordinary blogger not ordinary……..JC

    • May 2, 2013 at 3:40 am

      Thanks JC, I try not to write if I think it would be boring to others.. Which is why sometimes I don’t write, other times its being extremely busy. But will get there! All going well will be a big update coming soon.

  2. Stein Hoftvedt
    April 22, 2013 at 9:56 am

    Please continue writing, Matt. I don’t live in the Philippines yet, but in less than two years I will hopefully be busy establishing a little family in Rizal province. You are one of the main members of my “virtual advisory board”, always having some experiences that also others can benefit from :-)

    • May 2, 2013 at 3:37 am

      Thanks Stein, I have been a little slow lately as things are so hectic right now as starting a business ended up sprouting in different directions. Several websites being done while I am increasing my staff at my call center and now expanding into a home based cloud server call center as well. But promise to write more!

  3. Dennis Bellini
    April 26, 2013 at 10:49 pm

    Keep writing your blog etc. you have a lot of avid readers out here that are very interested with your day to day experiences & personal advice etc.

  4. Stew Bradley
    June 12, 2013 at 4:18 pm

    Hi Matt,
    Hell Matt, don’t go and quit on us
    I have been reading your blogs for a few years now ,
    I have enjoyed it very much no BS or sugar coating.
    Keep up the good work please.

    • June 25, 2013 at 5:43 pm

      Thanks Stew, will be keeping the site up but the time frame these days keeps me so busy havent had time to write anything new.

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