Olio Restaurant,Cebu,Philippines


We decided to head into Olio on Sunday night as we gave the kids a big day out on Saturday. So we could have a bit of time for me and April.

Matt Wilkie,Olio,Cebu,PhilippinesIt isn’t hard to see why this is one of the best restaurants in Cebu city. There has been a bit of money spent on the layout and although a little cramped in size like most restaurants at the Crossroads in Banilad. Its atmosphere didn’t seem to suffer as a lot of effort had gone into the place.

Lemon water with ice was free flowing which worked out well for me as I was pretty dehydrated by the time we got to the restaurant. Not for any particular reason just that it had been a hot day and around an hour’s ride to get there.

I have to admit most of the best restaurants in Cebu seem to reside in Banilad. If you haven’t visited the area highly recommend. You won’t be disappointed if you like food!

Spanakopita - Olio,Cebu,PhilippinesWe enjoyed Spanakopita as a starter which tasted great, full of flavour and the lettuce mixed with the dressing finished it off well.

Moving on from the starter we headed into the main course and I have to say the duck in red wine sauce was fantastic. The meat was just right and the sauce gave it a very tasty finish, definitely a very morish dish.

Duck Breast - Olio,Cebu,Philippines

April however had gone full a juicy Nebraskan prime rib eye steak which was one of the best steaks I have tried. April had asked for the 200g but we ended up with the 800g. Which I can’t really complain about as I got to try some as April was full.

Nebraskan Prime RibEye Steak - Olio,Cebu,Philippines

The steak was melt in the mouth with a strong taste of pepper. The mushroom sauce finished the dish off well and have to say not a thing to complain about at Olio.

Only thing I would say is your paying for premium food so it comes at premium rates. There is also a good wine list available and I recommend this place to try. I am sure if your taking your partner out for the evening there would be no complaints in coming here. The menu is well thought out, staff helpful and food fantastic.

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