Tropical Penpals new building Part – 13

Tropical Penpals new building  part 13 may be unlucky for some but for us its pretty good all round.

The concrete left a bit of a drizzle downstairs when it was poured but nothing major and we will be removing the first section of props on Friday. The rest will have to wait another week which is fine as we are busy upstairs in the building at the moment as well as plumbing.

tropical penpals, new buildingtropical penpals, new building

I was doing another assessment on the space available after we decided to setup a small school / day center for children with learning difficulties and special needs. We decided to focus on this part of the community primarily due to a lack of available facilities, as well as many center’s already running being out of the financial reach of parents. There was no doubt in my mind that it was going to happen but the question was where. Upstairs or down?

After careful consideration we decided to go with upstairs as its a large open plan area which will be good for the children. There is also good ventilation and its pretty cool most of the time.

Part of that was a bit of a u turn on my ideas for the windows and doors. Instead of full glass on the doors and full glass panels for the now half closed openings. We have gone with putting the old doors into new locations, with new frames as well as adding new half wall windows. All to do with safety reasons more than anything else. This is still a long way from where we will need to be including adding a second staircase as a fire escape (don’t think this would be a government request but working to my own personal choice of safety).

tropical penpals, new building

The steel frames replace the old wooden ones for the doors and the wooden peg openings replaced with glass block for light. As you can see already its a very bright room and currently there is no lighting or electric. Bought the box just going to have to do some rewiring this week.

tropical penpals, new buildingtropical penpals, new building, steel door frametropical penpals, new building, steel door frame

Downstairs still looks a bit quiet but there is actually more going on than it seems. There are new pipes being laid for the 5 bathrooms and one kitchenette. These will probably take the longest to complete as they are also one of the most expensive things left to do in the building. Surprising how much the costs run up with bathrooms and fittings.

tropical penpals,plumbing pipes

So when will the school open? Answer to that is in the future right now we are focusing on getting the building habitable. After that will be looking to see what we need to do to get the project off the ground.

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