What happens when things go wrong in the Philippines?

Recent events have seen 3 people I know nose dive into severe issues in the Philippines and often these things are more about things unravelling over time.

The biggest issue and most common is the demise of a relationship. For whatever reason and who’s fault it is can often be irrelevant. But if a Filipino woman isn’t happy with you then you can get some severe things happen.

The random case reported to the Police that results in an arrest that although the case is unfounded and unproven due to the lack of documentation and proof needed in the Philippines you can rot in jail before your proven innocent.

This has also happened to several business people not a nice thing to happen and often one that can lead to death due to poor care in the prison system and often extortion is used to empty your bank account.

It will never happen to me right? Three people this week have had some very bad things happen to them. Some are delayed from things that happened months ago and others are taken totally out of the blue. Either way its not a good situation to get into and very difficult ones to get back out of.

One thing you do need to rely on is good friends and often those can be hard to find in the Philippines. You may get their point of view and five minutes of advice. But when push comes to shove your very likely to find yourself sat alone with nobody helping at all.

For me I am judging no one right now as quite simply I am just sharing a bit of people’s experiences and saying be careful with whatever you are doing, plan to do or have done. Because every action has a reaction and often common sense won’t play a part in resolving situations but more of a self destruct, revenge or monetary gain.

What is the worst thing that’s happened to you in the Philippines?

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2 comments for “What happens when things go wrong in the Philippines?

  1. lewis
    July 10, 2013 at 2:42 am

    Hello again, it’s been awhile. Best thing; got married 20 yrs. ago to my Filipina wife, still going strong. Worse thing; Invested and lost $125k with a banker friend whose extended family we associated with. Pure greed on his part, he committed suicide when the bank auditors came from Manila. He told my wife I was stupid …guess he was right

    • July 11, 2013 at 4:53 am

      Bankers are a breed of their own not sure I could trust one as the mentality of banks is generally self serving.

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