AA BBQ Our Nearest Restaurant And Best In Minglanilla

Ok it is the best in Minglanilla partly because there aren’t many alternatives but AA BBQ is also reasonably priced and has a good selection of seafood although was missing my favourite scallops this visit.

AA BBQ Minglanilla,Cebu,Philippines

Generally I go for scallops as a starter as they taste great and are very more some. The sizzling Sisig is also good here (spicy dish made from pigs cheeks). But generally all the food is pretty good and not going to damage the pocket if bringing the whole family here. Have turned up with enough people several times fill half the restaurant and they have always accommodated.

The fruity drinks are pretty good here as well although don’t think any come with alcohol. But if your in Minglanilla its probably the best restaurant you will find without going nearer the city or into Naga.

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