Evan Iliadis is dead– Tropical Penpals French cyber troll.

Evan Iliadis is a well known cyber troll of the Philippines originally from France/Greece. Glad to say he’s pretty much dead.Evan iliadis - Tropical Penpals Cyber Troll

His random rants on the internet pretty much show his state of mind and I came across this individual over a year ago unfortunately or fortunately depending who you are.

Because he sits and writes strange blogs about people and as he became exposed for lying and manipulation of information as well as faking data. He began to target myself and others.

My whole reasoning in getting this idiot off the internet was simply because he was muddying the water of expats in the Philippines with his misguided mental state.

His death online has pretty much seen him wiped out as his fake accounts, fake blogs, fake postings, fake commenting and fake “evidence” even have all been dismissed by myself and others over the last 12 months.

His blogs were removed from blogspot, blogger, WordPress and his hosting cancelled at GoDaddy for posting attack and defamation of character posts. On top of that copyright theft.

He’s done virtually no damage to my credibility or the others he began to target as we started to unravel what he was doing. Everything from faking emails to himself to editing information beyond recognition. All in all he was a very angry frog once exposed and this is why he’s continued to target certain sites that I own.

Does it make any difference? Absolutely none, because this blog like most others are for information only. Him stealing photos and posts to rewrite in his own mental way doesn’t have any impact whatsoever as this is his cowardice shining through. He was banned from pretty much every forum relating to the Philippines due to his obscure view and interests in the sex trade and child abuse.

Very disturbed individual and I am glad to say although he’s writing a lot of rubbish about me and photoshopping my images. It doesn’t matter, I don’t see any of it and anyone in contact with me know’s about Evan Iliadis as the village idiot.

Also me taking the brunt of a lot this abuse has let others go on about their normal lives that could be affected by him. He may write things about me but how many people actually read it? Because anyone who has brought it up as “that guy is mad”. They are 100% right and Evan Iliadis is his biggest downfall as his inability to write as a normal human being or even keep his lies straight leaves gaping holes in everything. People who have read his stuff even if I haven’t met or known them will ask me why he does it, at the same time because they made contact makes a very good point of the fact they don’t believe him either.

So here is to the death of Evan Iliadis his campaign of hate on expats from 2005 – 2013 is pretty much dead. Nobody believes him or even takes an interest these days.

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1 comment for “Evan Iliadis is dead– Tropical Penpals French cyber troll.

  1. lewis
    August 18, 2013 at 5:01 am

    seems like poor evan doesn’t have a life

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