Having a cyber stalker does it bother me?

Matt Wilkie

Reality of it all is my cyber stalker is just a mentally ill fool.

He doesn’t bother me at all as I don’t read what he writes and I am not chasing him round the internet in his little games that keep him entertained all day.

Fact is rather than wasting my time even talking about him I spend time with my family and business. You have to be aware this guy is in his late 60s in ill health and just as miserable as they come.

His life failed in the Philippines and he blames many expats for this. Not because they were involved or know him but simply because they stayed here when he couldn’t.

He lost his money, lost his business and with it his retirement dream forcing him to go back to Europe to live off the state as a parasite. Even his charity business partner in Bohol has been involved with allegations of child abuse which to be honest if you see the guy and the way he acts the stalker himself I wouldn’t be surprised is of a similar nature.

Lets face it this is the Philippines like Thailand its got a stigma of sex tourism, child abuse and illegal activity. If your doing something normal here you stand out as you “must be doing something” right? Wrong! there are many expats here who have nothing to do with the sex industry at all. Myself included I have my own call center here and trying to develop peoples skills to increase jobs within my community. I work abroad sometimes and pretty much the only connection I have with expats as a whole is for business. I hardly socialise with people outside of my own circles.

Not because I am unsociable mind but primarily I am not from the same backgrounds as the majority of expats. I am neither American or from the Southern states where a lot of the expat community comes from in Cebu.

What I will say though as this crazy guy has less impact on me compared to what impact I have had on his life. I don’t read his stuff yet he downloads everything I write to steal images and text. I don’t get bothered about what he writes about me as its all ramblings and lies. If anyone believes anything this guy says you should get a padded cell with him. All sensationalist nonsense that comes out of his twisted mind.

The issue for him is the inability to accept he failed here because he’s arrogant, stupid and inexperienced. The first thing is accepting responsibility for what you do and have done. This guy can’t and with a blame culture as the person running a company its doomed from the start. He lost everything and its everyone else’s fault. Why have you got a right to be successful in the Philippines when he failed miserably? You must be involved in the sex industry because its the only way to make money in the Philippines right??

These are the sort of things going on in his crazy mind. Even the charity he was involved with as “manager” he blames others for its failings, yet he was managing the project. I sometimes get blamed for things in business that have nothing to do with me but we call it “whoever isn’t in the room” culture! Because I am a consultant the first person they will blame after a project is of course the only person not there to defend themselves. Backfires sometimes when I am brought back for another project and I find out what has been said and put it right. At the same time who cares? Most of the time they just want to blame someone so they can move on. That’s part of being a consultant as many positions I take are high risk and people in “full-time” employment with the company don’t want to take the roles in case they risk being fired.

Oman project like Qatar and every other project I have done over the years though has been awarded because of the work done. Because I take responsibility not only for my actions and responsibilities but that of others as well. That is part of being able to succeed.

My cyber stalker will die miserable as his life revolves round the internet and trying to get someone to argue with him because that is his life. It all began with the failed charity and finding he could lie and create problems on the web for people back in 2005. He’s continued doing it to more and more people but one thing he can’t escape is his age. So I am quite happy to just sit and wait and will celebrate his demise if I remember who he is by then.

Because unlike him I do have better things to do with my time.

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