Im worth a million in prizes.


Recently been having a lot of people asking why we are out performing them on some campaigns.

To be honest its more about how we are running than anything else. We are more of a community than a business. People can come in during the day to use the computers for free for tutorial training.

Not just on call center stuff but photography, video editing, programming, WordPress pretty much if there is a tutorial that interests the guys they can come in and learn for free.

We encourage learning and have several people at college. Even to the point that people can call me up or drop by and ask for help if they need it for a course they are doing. On top of that they are also able to work part-time or weekends to help support their further development and education.

But also the weekly prize ceremony is based on performance which is steadily seeing the value of prizes increasing. All in all we listen to the staff as much as the staff listen to us.

How it pays off is the fact people can have a job they want to have rather than need to be doing. For the business the efficiency levels are seeing us being around three to four times as productive as other centers on the same campaign.

Which adds to the other thing we do is to “NOT” cap earnings, its purely commission based but we have some agents earning as much as P2,500 per day . Which is moving the company forward for everyone, staff get what they want which is a good environment and good wages. For the company we get staff we know that not only can deliver but are bringing other high sales people from other center’s due to the uncapped earnings. Will it continue to grow? I believe it will as right now I am looking at increasing the commission rates further to allow staff to earn more based on productivity.


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