Penis Size In The Philippines Does It Matter?

Odd survey i discovered today in the Philippines carried out by Pfizer, the US firm behind erectile dysfunction drug Viagra. Odd because the Philippines is still disputing educating children on sexual education yet have had a survey regarding penis size and what Filipino women want in relationship to sexual needs. Does show money goes a long way in getting things done in the Philippines.

The survey showed that 7 in 10 Filipina’s responding to the survey said that its not size that’s important but hardness (maybe in reference to the heavy drinkers out there).

135 males and 120 females took part in the survey carried out by global market research firm Harris Interactive Asia part of the "Ideal Sex in Asia" survey which had over 3,000 partake across Asia.Other factors considered significant when it comes to sexual satisfaction, according to the survey, include frequency, duration and the intensity of an orgasm.

‘Optimum’ erection

There are 4 levels of EHS (Erection Hardness Score of the European Association of Urology) grade 4 rated as the highest which can be likened to the firmness of a cucumber, this isn’t only important for sexual pleasure but also as a sign of good health.

Grade 3 (Suboptimum) is hard enough for penetration but not ideal, compared to an unripe banana, Grade 2 is not hard enough and the similarity to a peeled banana. While at the bottom of the scale grade 1 was likened to a serving of tofu.

"A Grade 1 score depicts a penis that is larger, but not hard. For Grade 2, the penis is hard, but not hard enough for penetration; while Grade 3 is a penis that is hard enough for penetration, but not completely hard," Pfizer said in a statement.

"Grade 4 ultimately is a penis which is completely hard and fully rigid," it added.

The survey is obviously one for highlighting dysfunction as a problem as well as promoting Viagra as a solution for some. Main interest for me though is the survey even happened.

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  1. Considering the way EVERY Filipina acts towards “Amerikano”(even one’s from Europe or Oz)? Shouting “I love you!” or “You need wife!?” and “Hi handsome!” and all the other hings they shout. EVERY Filipina staring EVERYWHERE at you. Even with your wife right there. Always following you and taking pictures of you. Asking for your cell phone and facebook. Begging for contacts of brothers, cousins, friends…

    Filipinas worship and beg for “kano” or a reason. Yes, I think size matters…

  2. Before i had even visited the country, a friend told me Pinays are not interested in a fat Penis, it`s a far wallet they like, does that help?