Tropical Penpals new building refurbishments part 2.

The new Tropical Penpals building is seeing a lot of work underway. Big issue as usual is getting the right people to do the work and dealing with sub standard work that was done previously by others.

new building rear wall repair

The roof is leaking and it seems to be the original roof was never built to the right size. Not sure why but we are going to build up the block work and add a new box gutter and repair it properly. One of my main repairs before the internal work can get into full swing.

We weren’t happy with the old bathroom layout, there was a large sink and to the right the doorway opened into the remainder of the space. To maximise the bathroom size we have ripped out the sink and doorway. We will move the toilet to the first part of the bathroom and put a shower curtain into what will be the other room which will become a wet room.

Old bathroom ripped out

Old shower area being removed

The plastic bathroom door will be moved to be the main door for the bathroom. Reducing the framework to fit. You can see here the opening being widened for the new shower/wet room and the frame being removed.

Welding metal doorway

Due to the termite attacks on the wooden frames of the main doors all doors are being removed and steel frames being installed. This will be a bit more secure as well as 100% termite attack free. Only issue is the extra work involved in replacing the frames. The top of the doors are all having glass blocks added as well to give more daylight into each apartment.

Wooden door replaced with steelWooden doors replaced with steel

Work is a bit slower than I would like due to a lack of available skilled workers. Hopefully we will have an electrician starting Monday to loop through the electrics, most of the cables are already there its a case of sorting out the electric distribution boards in each apartment. Apartment 3 where the welding is going on in the photos is already live.

The guy welding actually managed to spark his eye by not using a mask. The odd thing is we have a mask available that was with our welding machine. Why is it people wait until something happens before doing something about it?

Hopefully he’s back next week though after he’s recovered. As well as hoping this weekend we will have another load of workers in to get some of the painting and roofing work done.

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